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korean2Korean Language Training
Class with Korean language was first opened in 2011 academic year. It offers an intensive Korean language by eighth grade and continues until 12th grade.
KIto is the first school in Europe, which has regular training on Korean language. It has achieved significant success in the spread of this new educational opportunity among Bulgarian students, attracting them to immerse themselves in the Korean language and culture.
In the curriculum of the 2013/2014 school year started learning the Korean language from the first grade. This initiative is supported by a clear pedagogical reason – it will provide a systematic and comprehensive educational program, starting from the initial stage of learning.
The above initiative is encouraged by the impressive performance of students of the school in TOPIK (Testing for Proficiency in Korean), held in December 2012, when they competed successfully with students at the university level.
Embassy of the Republic of Korea has played and plays an important role in recent years, helping Kito and supporting all our efforts on teaching Korean language: Ambassador of Republic of Korea is taking an active part in school life of our students attending our school various occasions, as well as giving us the donation of equipment for “smart classroom” (Smart Classroom), made by the Korean government in December 2012.
Students have available own library with books, magazines, videotapes and CDs of Korean language, which were donated by the Korea Foundation and Korean Studies majoring in Kito.